MY BOAT QR CODE: the 2.0 revolution in boating maintenance

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Tecnoseal is pleased to announce the arrival of the MY BOAT QR CODE. Born from the union between the experience in the sector of the Tecnoseal technicians and the latest developments in the field of technology and communications, this innovative idea promises to revolutionize and simplify the way in which maintenance works in the nautical sector.




A Memory problem

A boat is a precious asset and as such, it must be constantly protected and warded. As a car needs regular inspections and checks to keep it running at its best, the same can be said for a yacht that, indeed, without regular maintenance, is more exposed to risks that can compromise its functioning. And here the problems begin.

The maintenance of a boat, especially if large, requires many products, often different from each other only for a detail or two. Are you sure you can remember every time how many and which sacrificial anodes have been installed and when? Sure, maybe you kept the invoices aside or you marked everything on some sheets, but, again, there is always the risk that everything will be lost, not to mention the inconvenience of having to look for information that is probably a good few months old. In the field of cathodic protection, even the smallest mistake can be very expensive. Why risk it?




Tecnoseal's Answer

To date, the answer would have been: "because there is no alternative." Tecnoseal has, however, decided to change this situation and, sticking to its mission to protect your boats, create a tool that makes it easier to manage marine maintenance. This is the MY BOAT QR CODE.

The MY BOAT QR CODE is nothing but a QR code which will be installed by the Tecnoseal technicians directly on your boat. Scanning it with a QR reader, which can be downloaded for free for any mobile or tablet, you will automatically access a reserved area that will contain the history of your boat! The next time you go to a shipyard or a retailer to perform maintenance, you will no longer have to try to remember anything or carry piles of sheets, you will simply scan the QR code to have everything immediately at hand!




How Does It Work?

But what exactly happens when you scan your QR code? Your web browser will immediately open and you will be asked to enter a username and password (which we will provide you initially). This will guarantee the privacy of your boat. Then you will find yourself in front of a screen similar to the one in the photo above. Here you will find a first set of fundamental information: the name of the boat, the shipyard that produced it, the year of the launch and who took care of the cathodic protection. Below, in addition, you will find the three basic maintenance fields of the boat: cathodic protection, ICAF System/ Tecnofouling (antifouling) and monitoring system.




By choosing one of the fields, you then access a table that contains a complete list of installed products (as you can see in the photo above). This is compiled and updated regularly by Tecnoseal technicians whenever the products are installed or replaced. The table already contains a lot of useful information (area and date of installation, anodic mass, code, quantity and layout), but by clicking on one of the strips you can see the product installed in detail. Here you will find all the information and you can also see technical drawings and product positioning details (with the possibility to download them in pdf format).

As if all this were not enough, from the reserved area you can also:

  • See for how many months the cathodic protection has been calculated, so you can easily schedule their replacement.
  • Write personalized notes in correspondence of the table and individual products, so as to have all the necessary information at hand, even those not normally provided.
  • Order the required spare parts directly by clicking on the appropriate button.
  • Contact the Tecnoseal technicians directly so that you can promptly deal with any type of emergency.

The MY BOAT QR CODE will be officially presented at the Versilia Yachting Rendezvous 2019. Come and visit us and we will answer all your questions. The 2.0 revolution of nautical maintenance, start now!


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