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The Protect Test Portable (PTP) is an instrument for testing the corrosion level in marine and industrial applications.
Thanks to this instrument, it is possible to easily measure and control the following aspects:

  • corrosion process measurement on a metallic structure within a marine environment or buried industrial applications;
  • efficiency of the cathodic protection provided by sacrificial anodes for maintenance reasons;
  • identification of unprotected areas in an existing cathodic protection system.

An accurate verification of the structure to be protected allows you to keep the cathodic protection system under control by verifying the electrical state of the structure itself. You can, therefore, periodically check the electrical state of a structure, performing measures of the potential structure/electrolyte using special instruments.


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Production of sacrificial anodes in the leisure boat market, fishing, naval, port, industrial, and civil sectors.
Consultancy, Design, and installation of cathodic protection systems.