2500 catalogue items

catalogue items

The Tecnoseal catalogue contains the widest range of anodes in the world, all entirely produced by the Tecnoseal foundry. Over the years our catalogue has become a working tool for professionals, due to the detailed images, precise design measurements, part number codes and for being easy to use.

98% products always available

products always available

One of Tecnoseal strengths is represented by our warehouse where 98% of the catalogue products are always available and ready to be shipped at all times, the warehouse has the capacity, facilities, staff and systems to deal with all orders effectively and efficiently

1193 custom products

custom products

Tecnoseal produces hundreds of custom products for the shipyards and for hull and engine manufacturing companies. The engineering office monitors the product throughout the entire manufacturing process.

24/48 hours


A fast track service is available for urgent orders, needing delivery within 24/48 hours.

4 checks before shipping

checks before shipping

All items are sent following the appropriate packaging regulations requirements, before shipments all goods are checked thoroughly with 4 different methods and an effective track and trace system guarantees goods traceability until arrival at final destination.

100+ custom packaging

custom packaging

Our packaging department creates custom made packaging, totally eco-friendly and recyclable, for product lines belonging to over a hundred companies.

visit official tecnoseal website

official Tecnoseal website

Visit our international website to explore the full range of services.


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