Tecnoseal is one of the world’s leading suppliers of sacrificial anodes for cathodic protection in the leisure boat market, and for shipping, offshore and industrial applications. With over 30 years of experience, we produce and supply from our foundry in Grosseto (Tuscany) Zinc, Aluminum and Magnesium anodes with our own peculiar passion for seeking top quality perfection of the product and the customer service. Started in the 70’s by the Scotto family as a handicraft company, Tecnoseal srl now has one of the largest anodes ranges in the world, with almost 1000 anodes as standard production, and more than 3000 custom manufactured items specifically requested by customers.

Our anodes are manufactured entirely in our Grosseto foundry, from the mold design, to the final product. The anodes quality is guaranteed by the processes and by the experience and preparation that our specialist Engineers have in place. As parts of this virtuous cycle we can mention: a 3D Cad assisted mould design stations, the extra fine die-casting production method with the latest in high generation technology, the systematic raw material purity analysis and alloy composition check on final product in accordance with the worldwide accepted standard (like US MIL-A-18001), the handmade final visual quality check and a customized packaging service. The result of that is a highly valued, perfectly finished product, with excellent quality that is appreciated worldwide by boatbuilders, shipyards and marine equipment suppliers.

To satisfy the growing market requests and customers needs in terms of cathodic protection systems Tecnoseal has a very dedicated technical department. Our Engineers can provide a custom-made service to the boat builder designing the quantities, positioning scheme and the installation instructions for the anodes system. Our technicians can also offer technical support on site for controlling corrosion problems occurring to any vessels or shoreline structures such as piling, jetties, platforms and pontoon systems. The Tecnoseal technical department provides and installs the latest generation impressed current cathodic protection systems and remote monitoring systems for harbours, and platform of industrial applications.

Our sales staff is able to satisfy any customer’s needs and requests directly throughout our network all over the world. Tecnoseal has an American partner in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (USA), Tecnoseal Marine Anodes USA, with its own warehouse and skilled staff to provide all the technical and commercial support to the American markets.

We offer the right compromise between affordable prices, best quality and fast delivery. We have invested the resources to guarantee a standard of quality and to keep a large inventory of products available. At the same time we are sensible to satisfy the economic expectation of our customers launching several promotional campaigns during the year.

Our sales team cares about our customers true needs. We are willing to be not merely a supplier, but a reliable consultant and a friendly partner in the complex and sometime chaotic marine and nautical marketplace. For that reason, our customer service departments always gives the best possible service to each and every customer, following any request and providing them with any detailed information about our products and its use, but also giving after sales assistance.

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